Inflatable Neck Stretcher

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Yoga stretches and exercise bands are not enough to get the pain relief your body desperately needs.

If you truly want to remove the pressure and stiff feeling on your neck and head, you need a stretcher that affordably gives you relief inside your home in minutes.

That’s where the RedvoRelief™ Inflatable Neck Stretcher comes in, a comfortable, portable and effective stretcher that can be used whilst you carry on your day.

The perfect stretcher for people suffering from neck strains and pinched nerves, to people who suffer from headaches and poor posture from working at home all day.


Designed to align to the shape of the neck, the RedvoRelief™ device gently stretches your muscles and decompresses your neck to help reduce neck pain over time.

The RedvoRelief™ Inflatable Neck Stretcher neutralizes the weight placed on your neck muscles, allowing them to stretch and relax.

This increases the amount of space between your intervertebral discs, which relieves pinched nerves and encourages better blood circulation.

Our stretcher device also can be adjusted to stretch at different levels, with each pump allowing you to increase the stretch to a comfortable and effective level.


Paying thousands for chiropractor appointments is not only expensive but also time consuming, with our RedvoRelief™ Neck Stretcher you can get the stretch you need without the hassle of an appointment.

RedvoRelief™ is also brilliant for long drives where your neck may be tired and want some support, just lean on the soft inflatable neck brace and it will feel like you’re lying down.

For those working at home, the RedvoRelief™ Inflatable Neck Stretcher is great for keeping your chin up and back straight, improving your posture, confidence and most importantly removing that painful back and neck at the end of each day!


Here at RedvoCare™ we believe in the effectiveness of our work and the quality of our products. Therefore we offer all our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you decide that you are not satisfied with the product or the quality after 14 days from receiving it, then contact our customer support and we will help you returning your product and get a complete refund, no questions asked!

We offer a 30 day risk free policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied 30 days after receiving your product, we will repair it for you. All you have to do is contact our knowledgeable customer service team.