EMS Pain Relief Neck Massager

EMS Pain Relief Neck Massager

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Various factors cause a person to experience neck pain and stiffness. It could stem from a prior injury or lifting heavy weights, awkward sleeping posture and specially in today's world, sitting for long periods of time in front of the computer or texting on your phone.


Unlike traditional neck massagers, the intelligent RedvoNeck™ - EMS Pain Relief Neck Massager brings a clinical-grade relief technology in an elegant and compact design. It uses a professionally-designed EMS system for instant relief and maximal comfort.

Our engineers created five different massage intensity modes to ensure you get the perfect experience for the exact amount of neck pain you are experiencing.


Using your smartphone or laptop causes you to constantly lean forward while you are focusing on the task in hand, taking attention away from the weight and force exerted on your neck. The angle at which you lean forward using your devices can result in up to five times the added pressure on your neck.

People who have some form of neck pain - even those who planned to undergo surgery are transforming their lives for the better in an instant without painkillers and interventions.

An alternative treatment for neck pain relief compared to the often expensive trips to see a therapist or taking various medication with potential side-effects. It is known to be a highly effective and fast-acting treatment.


Anywhere, anytime, anyplace. 

No need to invest in multiple expensive massage sessions anymore.

The RedvoNeck™ - EMS Pain Relief Neck Massager is usable anywhere you want, thanks to its rechargeable and portable features. Whether you’re in the airplane, in bed or at work, we built the perfect combination for neck pain relief

Use it for 15 minutes each day for best results. Try not to let the massager fall asleep while using it to regain your mobility during work breaks.


🏋️‍♀️Athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts
As an athlete, your nervous tissues are confronted with a phenomenal workload which can generate strong tensions or possible muscular discomfort. Relieve your pain and relax with the intelligent massager!

👨‍💼Teleworkers and entrepreneurs
The advent of telework is a source of stress and tension. Did you know that the effective working time of office employees has increased by +34% in less than two months due to lockdown? More than ever, we are in front of our screens, but we don't necessarily have the right equipment! Relax your muscular tensions after a long working day thanks to our EMS Pain Relief Neck Massager. 

🤰Pregnant women, pregnancies
Pregnancy sometimes generates hormonal changes and is accompanied by muscular tension. As a pregnant woman, you unfortunately cannot take painkillers. Don't worry: The RedvoNeck™ will offer you all the comfort you need.

💆Stress resistance and relaxation
Need to clear your head, relax and enjoy a peaceful moment? Put on your EMS Pain Relief Neck Massager and enjoy a relaxing massage.

📱Smartphone enthusiasts
More than ever, the human being with his head bent over in his smartphone. Did you know that, in the long term, this uncomfortable position can cause trauma and muscle tension? Relieve your pain and relax with the smart massager! 


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