Postpartum Recovery Belt

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Are you wanting to help get back to your pre-pregnancy shape, reduce back pain and help restore pelvis floor recovery? Then this is the belt for you that women worldwide love.


You have given birth, congratulations! We know you are ready to regain your pre-baby body shape – but it seems harder for you. Our RedvoBaby™ Postpartum Recovery Belt with its latest triple compression will take your all worries and will help you to wear pre-pregnancy dresses sooner. Just start wearing it when you feel comfortable after delivery and see the magic of the Postpartum Recovery Belt.


Our postpartum pregnancy belt is for both our natural delivery and c-sections mommas! And can be work as soon as 3 days after delivery and you can start from up to a year after your bubba was born. Woman have been belly binding for centuries after birth to aid postnatal recovery. Our Postpartum Belt brings your muscles and stomach towards normal position up to 50% in just two weeks.


These are just some of the benefits that have mommas have using our postpartum belly belt:

✅ Accelerates postnatal healing
✅ Slims waist and flatterns tummy
✅ Supports back and eases lower back pain
✅ Helps pelvic floor recovery
✅ Strengthens your core muscles
✅ Prevents organs/skin from sagging
✅ Relives back and pelvis pain
✅ Minimizes stretch marks
✅ Adds support while breastfeeding
✅ Provides comfort after c-section
✅ Prevents organs/skin from sagging.
✅ Comfortable and breathable


Crafted from the finest quality breathable and stretchable materials, this support belly band is super easy to clean. You won’t feel any irritation or stuffy material on your body. As our belly band has passed the breathability test.

You can put it easily by yourself and pull is equal from both sides, can readjust how tight you want it without taking off the band to keep you supported for a long time. It is a gift for women just after giving birth or anyone had surgical operation resulting in loose skin and back pain.


Please select your size based on your pre-pregnancy size. If you are in between two sizes, best is to go for a size up as you can always tighten the belt as you go through your recovery!


 1. How quickly will I see a difference after wearing it?
Answer: Every woman is completely different. Many women can see results in the first 5-7 days and others within the first 2-3 weeks. Please note that other factors, including diet and breastfeeding, can affect your results.

2. How long should I wear the Post Pregnancy Belt?
Our pregnancy postpartum belt will be most effective when worn straight after having your baby for 8-12 weeks though some women prefer to wear it for a longer period of time. Women have been binding their bellies for thousands of years and even have been reported to wear it up to one year.

We suggest wearing your RedvoBaby™ Postpartum Recovery Belt day and night, taking it off only to shower or when felling uncomfortable. The fit should be snug, with constant pressure on the belly, but without any impact on breathing, circulation or discomfort in your ribs. If discomfort occurs, remove and consult your doctor. Also remember diet and exercise play a role in getting back to pre pregnancy shape.

3. I am 6 months Postpartum, is it too late?
Answer: No! It will still be effective. Our postpartum belt can be used at any stage after delivery to assist with post-natal belly support. Our postpartum belt delivers soft but firm support suitable for natural and c-section delivery which isn’t stiff and also has a pelvic band for pelvic floor recovery!

4. When should I start wearing my belt?
Answer: You can start wearing it straight away after you deliver, but please check with your healthcare provider prior to use, especially if you’ve had a C-section. Wearing it soon after delivery allows the belly belt to work while your body still has elevated levels of the relaxin hormone.

5. Can I use it after a C-section?
Answer: Yes absolutely! We recommend to start wearing it after 4 days and only 2-4 hours. Once your incision is completely healed you can wear it as long as you want! Wearing a Postpartum Recovery Belt post c-section will actually help with scar support which is very helpful while breastfeeding and while carrying your little one. It will increase your mobility.

We offer a 30 day risk free policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied 30 days after receiving your product, we will repair it for you. All you have to do is contact our knowledgeable customer service team.