At-Home Cryotherapy Slimming Device

At-Home Cryotherapy Slimming Device

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Despite dieting and exercising, many of us have stubborn fat ares in our body. The RedvoCryo™ uses similar cryotherapy technologies used at cryospas in the comfort of your own home. Controlled cooling allows the RedvoCryo™ to quickly and effectively target stubborn fat.


Give yourself the gift of a sleeker, slimmer you. The RedvoCryo™ is a body shaper that combines cold therapy and vacuum suction to help you achieve toned and sculpted results. The RedvoCryo™ essentially splays apart the deposited fat cells inside the adipose tissue, which causes them to burst from ice crystal formation. Then these dead fat cells are then excreted from the body within 2-6 months. It’s been rated as one of the top weight loss inventions in 2021, and we’re excited to offer this life-changing product at an incredible price point!

✅ Non-invasive

✅ Fraction of the cost

✅ Quick and easy to use


When fat cells are exposed to an environment of 5 degrees Celsius for a long time, the triglyceride in them will coagulate and cause the dead cells to be digested, making every roll of fat be replaced by beautiful muscles. This cryotherapy is also very beneficial to keeping fit and slim. What's more, it has no side effects like other weight-reducing drugs such as lowering blood pressure or heart rate.


1. Select Area
Select an area of your body you'd like to treat. You can choose stomach, love handles, arms, thighs, glutes and back.

2. Freeze
Apply the machine using the fastener belt. 
Position the metal area directly on the targeted area. 
Make sure to use a protective pad between the skin and the metal plate for protection. 
We recommend starting out with the 30min mode, and once you get used to it, move up to the 60min mode.

3. Massage
After the session, remove the RedvoCryo™ device and gently massage the treated area and surrounding area with your hands or your favorite massager. 
You must wait at least 30 days before doing another treatment session on the same body part. 
Please make sure to drink lots of water and follow proper diet and exercise to achieve the best results.


Yes absolutely! This new adipose tissue freezing technology is a subtle and safe method that uses the cold to attack cellulite. It can effectively extract the fat, shrink pores, lift sagging flesh, and make skin elastic. With our RedvoCryo™ At-Home Cryotherapy Slimming Device the entire process is harmless and painless, helping you to get rid of the unsightly problem of cellulite.


Here at RedvoCare™ we believe in the effectiveness of our work and the quality of our products. Therefore we offer all our customers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for whatever reason you decide that you are not satisfied with the product or the quality after 14 days from receiving it, then contact our customer support and we will help you returning your product and get a complete refund, no questions asked!

We offer a 30 day risk free policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied 30 days after receiving your product, we will repair it for you. All you have to do is contact our knowledgeable customer service team.